Fundamentals of Fashion Design - Pattern Making
Textile - Digital design

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  • 1 Year


  • 3.2.2019

    starting date

  • 30.1.2020

    ending date

  • 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

    Sunday to Thursday

  • 74,000


  • An introduction to the profession of Fashion Designer & Pattern Maker
    1ST YEAR

    The program is accredited in France by the CNCP & licensed by the Knowledge & Human Development Authority ( KHDA ), Govt of Dubai.

    Registration is open

    An introduction to the fashion industry, from both a creative and marketing perspective. At the end of the 1st year, students will be able to create patterns, drape a garment, construct skirts, blouses and dresses. Students will also present a final collection including a stylebook and one completed look from their collection.

    Fashion Design, Pattern Making, Textile,
    Digital design: Photoshop & Illustrator
    History of Fashion

    For student joining Esmod Dubai in the january batch, the duration of the third year
    is of 15 month instead of 10 month. The 3rd year final jury and graduation takes place
    in june of the last year of study instead of january.
    Students must therefore plan their stay in Dubai in terms of residency accordingly.

    CBSE or equivalent (USA High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate, UK GCSE
    A-level, AS-level, UAE Tawjihiyya, Indian Board, Pakistan Board, German Arbitur).
    Fashion culture test.
    Creative Portfolio, if available.
    Strong motivation.
    Significant creative abilities is a plus.

    TERMS OF PAYMENT vat included

    Registration fee: aed 1 600 vat included (non refundable).
    + tuition fee payment at registration.
    Full payment for students in need of a resident visa.
    3 installments for Dubai resident students.
    50% of tuition at registration
    (check, cash, bank transfer)
    25% (1 post dated check cashed 1 month later)
    25% (1 post dated check cashed 1 month later)

    All post dated checks must be remitted at the time of registration.
    Non payment of these terms is subject to non acceptance of the student to the classes.

    A budget of 7 700 aed (not included in the tuition fee) to be planned for the program - Esmod patented methods + 2 Couture busts & Pattern making supplies.
 A laptop with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop allready installed is required.
 Students must equip themselves with a standard sewing machine for homework.

  • Fashion Design Drawing Method by ESMOD Dubai

    Fashion Design Drawing Method by ESMOD Dubai

    1st year students drawings after just 4 weeks

  • Kushboo K.

    2011 Graduate - Owner of LE TROUSSEAU COUTURE

    "As an ESMOD Dubai student, I have explored my vision as a designer, an artist and an individual. Offering complete knowledge about designing and pattern making, the program helps to be imaginative and come up with original ideas. After gaining international exposure by interning for the coveted Dutch Creator designer Iris Van Herpen in Amsterdam and Paris, I started my own Fashion House in Deira called ‘Le Trousseau’."
  • Lubna Al Zakwani

    Designer / Owner Endemagé

    “ESMOD Dubai was a great start for me, especially being one of the first graduates – I got the right exposure that I needed at the time. It was a little tough being thrown in the deep end without seniors to look up to, but it eventually paid off. I believe I have graduated getting the maximum knowledge that I could in fashion design and pattern making.” Lubna Al Zakwani Endemagé 
  • Madeyya M.

    2010 Graduate - Owner of MADEYYA COUTURE

    "As a student, ESMOD Dubai has enabled me to explore my full potential through the Pattern Drafting and Fashion Design program. But above all technicality, I feel that it has allowed me to be creative to the fullest and reveal my sense of individualism. Today, I have my own Fashion House on Jumeirah Beach Road and I am glad to say that I am an accomplished Designer running a successful business."